Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Table Talk for Newbie Knitters

Welcome and hello to my fellow Table Knitters and other hand crafters.

I started this blog a few years back when I had the crazy idea of buying a fleece and starting a sweater from scratch. Read all about it if you feel so inclined. Yes, I am indeed crazy!!

I would now like to turn this blog into a bit of information for you all to help you on your knitting journey. For those of you, who want to learn some rhymes to help you along, here you go...

For the beginners:

Knitting English (this is the way we will learn)
In through the front door
Once around the Back
Out through the Window
And off jumps Jack.

Knitting: (for little kids)
Into the Bunny hole
Run around the tree
Out of the bunny hole
Away runs he.

Knitting Continental (where you hold the wool in your left hand)
Under the Fence
Catch the Sheep
Back you go
Off you leap

And for the *Tough guys* (in case you want to teach any boys to knit)
Stab 'em
Choke 'em
Drag 'em back
Throw 'em away!

Here are two for purling:
In front of the fence,
Catch the goat,
Back we go,
Jump off the boat!

Catch the sheep,
Back we come,
Off we leap!
Here is a good video to help you figure out the Cable Cast On.

For the more experienced:

 A good place to start to learn  how to read knitting patterns is here.