Sunday, June 14, 2009

gather all ye fibre friends

Yesterday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day and it is held the second Saturday of June to encourage all of us fibre addicted people to get together and spread the word.

I was at my Local Yarn Store in Whitby -- Kniterary -- instead of knitting in public I choose to spin. We also brought non-perishable food items and put a square on the tree in the back of the store as a record of our participation. Thanks to Martina and Vicky for a lovely afternoon. Two other people brought their spinning wheels and their were also a number of drop spindles in action. Now that is something I'd like to master but haven't gotten around to yet...

I am currently spinning some lovely falklands wool from The Sweet Sheep called Harrumph. Upon the advice of another spinner, Heidi, I am going to try and make some socks with it.

I don't look happy here but I am ... just concentrating...


  1. I was so inspired by you spinners at WWKIP Day at Kniterary that I have borrowed a spinning wheel. I watched a bunch of videos on spinning on YouTube and successfully spun my first yarn. I definitely need formal instruction though. I've heard Whitevale Crafts teaches spinning lessons. Do you any other local spinning teachers?

  2. You could try Gemini Fibres in Mt. Albert or the Black Lamb in Port Hope. I had a really nice teacher in Little Britain who I'd highly recommend.

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you. No one has commented before!