Friday, July 24, 2009

dog bowl -- no water allowed

So I have still not carded any of my fleece but does it count that I carded dog fur? Coton du Tulear, to be exact. The Coton du Tulear is an adorable white ball of fluff from Madagascar and my friend has two of them, Bailey and Cleo. I got a bag of their hair in May and have been rather busy getting it organized.

The first bowl is pictured above -- a nice felted thing that is soft and angelic looking with a bit of a halo from the dog hair that surrounds it. I like it.

I am also making another bowl but it isn't making me too happy -- it is stripes of dog fur and left over lopi wool from my yarn stash -- quite a concoction. I am shuddering of it as I write as I fear it is rather ugly and a true crafting disaster. What was I thinking? It reminds me of the hat that Henry Fonda wore in "On Golden Pond". Yikes.

I am planning on embroidering the dog names on it so it will look less like a hat. Pictures to follow soon. Or maybe not!

Postscript: I finished embroidering the bowl...I would have to say it's got an "Ugly Pretty" aesthetic..

Oh well, perhaps I am being too hard on myself. How many people can say that they have a bowl, let alone two bowls from their dog fur... I learned a lot doing it. It is not any fun spinning dog hair that has come from a groomers with the guard hair and undercoat left in it. The bowls are still shedding...and I am not sure when that will stop.

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