Monday, October 26, 2009

ewetopia aka rhinebeck

Rhinebeck. That is what we fibre addicted people call the place. It is much more than that. The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival -- mecca!

Other people have written about it more eloquently than I, and certainly taken more and better pictures. A few impressions for you -- the line up for the deep fried artichokes that stretched a couple of hundred people long, the wool that my husband spun while I took a class, the class that I took called "Kitchen Sink Yarns" with the substitute teacher named Beth from The Spinning Loft who stepped in when Janel Laidman was sick, the hundreds of vendors. It was all a bit overwhelming, to tell you the truth.

I had some lovely conversations with the vendors and bought some amazing fibre. Everyone was carrying their fibre that they purchased in a special basket. That same special basket that I bought on sale at Pier One for $7.99. If only I had known, I would have brought mine as well. Mine is above as I cannot get it to copy below...

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